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One of the most visible and essential parts of a home or office is something that we interact every day, but rarely think about - the doors! Doors can be functional and decorative, adding both accessibility and value to a home or office. For such a simple, everyday thing, though, installing or replacing a door, or fixing a broken door, is not usually as easy as it seems. Experts from door installation and replacement services and door repair services are often needed to ensure a quality door installation or repair that doesn’t damage the surrounding walls or cause other, more severe problems. Doors are unique in that they provide a high-traffic, flexible interface between the outside and the inside. Unlike more passive, static home elements, doors are dynamic mechanical pieces that take a great deal of wear-and-tear in their lifetimes.

The damaged, worn-out, or improperly sealed doors can be difficult to open and close, might become noisy or troublesome, opening or closing unexpectedly, or exhibit other problems. Improper seals can allow hot or cold air to escape or come in from the outside, as well as a vector for pests and rodents to enter the home. Door installation and replacement services or door repair services can fix doors and door frames to remedy any of these problems. As a bonus, with the vast array of different types of doors available on the market today, this process can bring a welcome décor change to a home or office as well.



Often, minor damage or functional problems with a door do not necessitate means a full replacement or new door installation.  Instead, those problems can often repair experts from a door repair services company.

While each situation is unique, a lot of minor door problems or complaints can be remedied by professionals at door repair services companies using techniques like:


  • Removing and replacing worn-out or damaged door hardware
  • Addition of lubricants to sticking or stuck parts
  • Reinforcement of the door with additional equipment
  • Trimming or adjusting the size of the door due to building shifting over time
  • Adding foam or other insulation materials along the door frame to ensure a tight seal, more complete close, or fill in any gaps that may have developed over time
  • Replacing broken, damaged, or compromised locks, doorknobs, or other hardware
  • Replacing damaged windows or glass inserts that may have been broken, fallen out, or otherwise damaged
  • Adding home security features (i.e., a deadbolt, doorbell camera.)

More severe damage (such as holes, damage to the door frame itself, or a broken door) may require refurbishment of the door, patching, or, in many cases, replacement. Door repair services usually offer free consultations, and if something is beyond their ability to repair, may themselves provide services to replace or install the damaged parts. They may also affiliate with or able to recommend another door installation and replacement services company to do the work if they are unable.   



If a door or door frame gets too severe damages, then it can't be fixed with a repair. In these cases, one requires a door installation and replacement services. The door installation and replacement services companies have the tools, knowledge, and expertise to remove the old door, size and fit a new door, and install it correctly. If one needs adjustments to the door frame, they know how to properly execute these adjustments without damaging the door frame or surrounding walls. It is also worth mentioning that many doors are large and heavy, and using a door installation and replacement services company is a practical decision, as wrestling with a large, heavy door is not something that every homeowner or office superintendent feels comfortable doing!


One can purchase replacement doors as stand-alone items from the most home improvement or home furnishing stores. So long as one chooses the proper size to match the existing door frame, the door installation and replacement services contractor can easily do the installation. It typically involves removing the existing damaged door, adjusting the door frame elements (hardware, foam padding, weather-stripping/liners, etc.) and then fitting the new door to the frame. Often, due to the settling and adjustment of houses over time that naturally occurs, a door may need to be slightly trimmed or modified to fit “just right” in an existing door frame. Door installation and replacement services contractor can make sure this is done expertly, usually with saws, files, or other portable equipment – and sometimes with heavy equipment that is available in the back of their trucks. 


More complex door designs, such as those that include double or storm doors, may require additional steps. Qualified door installation and replacement service should be able to walk consumers through the process of the replacement and advise on any additional considerations, parts, materials, or other factors that one needs to consider. The entire process is generally quick, with most experts being able to remove old doors and install new doors in under an hour, if absent any significant measurement, sizing, or other discrepancies.


Sometimes, part of the reason a door no longer works well is that the surrounding frame can become damaged or rotted. In these cases, door installation and replacement services may need additional time to restore the door frame to working order before installation of a new/replacement door. It can involve stripping out damaged or rotted wood elements and re-framing the door, which then may need cosmetic work (like painting) before installing a new door. Regardless of a given door installation or replacement, both private door installation and replacement services contractors and experts from the biggest box home improvement stores are available for these tasks.



Independent door installation and replacement services and door repair services are highly skilled in their fields. However, most big box home improvement stores also offer their in-house or affiliated experts who can do these same tasks. Both are typically certified, and both are generally capable and skilled.

There are a few points to think about when trying to decide between hiring from these two groups of door repair service professionals. They include:


  • Convenience – apparently, in most cases, the convenience of picking out a new door at a home improvement or home furnishing store and booking the door installation or replacement with one of their experts, has a strong appeal.
  • Schedule – as many people tend to enjoy the convenience mentioned above, sometimes scheduling an appointment with a store expert can result in a longer wait time than hiring an independent door installation and replacement services contractor.
  • Door Repair vs. Door Replacement – not all stores offer experts who are skilled door repair services. Many focus on selling new doors and hardware and will skip right over the potential for repair, even though damage may be entirely repairable. 
  • Cost – consumers who are unaware of what a door repair or door installation/replacement should cost in their area may take advantage. It can occur with both third-party door installation and replacement services, and door repair services companies, as well as contractors, recommended or employed by big box stores.

One should note, however, that often the door installation and replacement services and door repair services companies in a given area are the same ones that are retained or recommended by the home improvement stores. In all cases, taking a little time to check out reviews or other feedback is a valuable safeguard against getting overpriced. 



In conclusion, door repair, replacement, or installation of a new door can be a complicated and challenging task for homeowners. One recommends that experts from door repair services, door installation services, and door replacement services hired whenever there is a door problem. Overall, it is important to research any door repair, installation or replacement services professional and ensure they have the skills and reputation needed to get the desired results for a given project.